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1056 series


I count things. It’s a problem I learned from my father.


On May 28, 2009, one Facebook friend challenged all of her Facebook friends to write a haiku. I did. For the next two years, my daily status updates were written in haiku form. For two more, I was a bit less consistent. Regardless, I secretly tracked the amount of likes and comments each poem received. The data-driven forms in this exhibition are derived from that feedback and dynamically document the growth of my social interaction over time. They make numbers tangible. And beautiful.


The data may drive the modeling of 3-dimensional form, but I intentionally avoid creating clearly recognizable infographics. Each new series depicts the same data in multiple ways – allowing the numbers to inform the imagery, but not control the form. I do not rely on algorithms or generative programs to sculpt space. Using the data, I maneuver the geometry by manually controlling the size of each section, until I am satisfied with the result. Although my process is systematic, it is not random.


The entire process of data collection, documentation and interpretation serves as a substitute for my memory as I continually revisit my past. It is an exploration of hyperbole, and a measurement of impression management in social media.



1056 divided by 4, 2009-2013

1056 divided by 4 times 2

1056 times 52 divided by 4

1056 divided by 4 times 13


1056 divided by 13 times 4